Friday, September 24, 2004

Things I love.

"when there is a question as to whether a man is good, one does not ask what he believes, or what he hopes, but what he loves."
Augustine of Hippo.

"What do you love?" It is in that question and the spiritual dynamics implicit in its answer that belief and behavior are woven together.
Steven Garber ("Fabric of Faithfulness, p. 22).

A few years ago I audited a course at ICS called Worldview Foundations. My professor was Gideon Strauss. On his blog of Sept 13, he references my list of things I love.

The list was written in 2002 and I would like to amend the list, but only slightly. There are definitely a few things and someone that I need to add.

Some of the things I love in no particular order

Aukje, learning, people, tools, woodworking, my family, Nuevo Suyapa, San Salvador, God, 7th Heaven (the ski runs at Blackcomb), books, of all sorts, especially by CS Lewis, JRR Tolkein, William Gibson, Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy trilogy of five books, and Tom Clancy, computers, sailing and sailboats, creating things, imagination, Playa La Zunganera, paintings, sketching, adventures, the sound of children playing on the playground, fall rains, trees, the stillness of newly falling snow, the smell of a bakery, cars - particularly Vdubs, soccer (the beautiful game), standing on top of a mountain, making others happy, The Simpson’s, all my friends, parts of Osaka especially the castle, Berlin, Vancouver, the harbour in Rotterdam, machines (especially big powerful ones, and simple effective ones), movies, especially The Matrix, and The Fifth Element, sculpture, the Group of 7, fixing things, the sound of babbling brooks, Georgian Bay (especially around Tobermory), the kingdom of God, canoeing, Algonquin Park, moose, Africa, music of all sorts except Country and Western, watching people create/perform live, art galleries, Science Fiction, Jackie Chan's hokey martial arts movies, history, teaching, the students I get to know through teaching, the Bible, Fernie, the tingling of the spine you get when something you’ve created is so obviously great, MC Escher, cycling, camping, hiking, Star Trek, the vastness of the ocean, good humour and laughing, thunder storms, pond hockey, the beauty of the woods, driving, helping others, spring breezes and last and what should be least chocolate.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Fine French Cuisine

Just down the street, a 30 second walk from my pad, was this interesting little french restaurant. I walked by at least twice a day, and was always intiguided by it. Finally near the end of my stay they came out with a nice looking lunch special. I coerced my then future fiancee into going on a date with me to the Belle Epogue.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Supaidaaman 2

I was on the Tanimachi Subway line near the Abeno station and my Spidey sense was tingling. Then I discovered why.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

An Invitation

This coming Sunday in the evening service at the GCRC, I will be reporting back to my home congregation about my short term experience in Japan. There will be a few pictures, some commentary and a short sermon as well. Please feel free to join us. (Directions).

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Moss Burger?

No, Mos Burger. It sounds a little odd to Anglo ears, not quite so appetizing. I suppose it sounds good to Japanese ears though. It is billed as a healthy and better quality fast food, (as opposed to McDonald's). Aukje and I tested one out after church one Sunday afternoon. I was suitably impressed, it was quite good. We had a spot looking out the front window, watching the passers-by.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Almost home

Coming out of the sekime-takadono subway station, exit number 2. This is the exit I took regularly as I left the subway for the one minute walk to my place of residence. It always struck me as I walked out of the underground back into the real world again. From this view it looks as though it could be from any english speaking country in the world, there is not much to distinguish it as particularly Japanese.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Free Gmail

I have a few free Gmail invites if anyone is interested. Gmail is Google's relatively new free web based e-mail system. It is currently in beta testing and right now the only way to get an account is to be invited. E-mail me if you would like an invite.