Monday, February 07, 2005

A cold one to tide you over

No matter where you go it seems the beer companies have a big advertising budget.


Anonymous said...

You get to go to JAPAN!! ... how did you decide to go there? *sorry i haven't read ur WHOLE blog.. i just popped up here and gained interest..* If you don't mind could you tell me?

*I guess you can post comment to this date under mine for a comment*
I'll be back.. :P

Will Dykstra said...

I'd be happy to.

Feel free to ply me with questions.

It is quite a long story, a journey actually. A journey of about 10 years. In the last couple of years things have done the most developing especially as it pertains specifically to Japan. A little over a year and a half ago, I met my fiancee who lives in Japan, but grew up in Canada. We met while she was at home for a short time. I spent three months last year living in Japan, near where my fiancee lives. I filled my time working and serving with the organization Mission to Unreached Peoples. I found myself drawn to Japan, called to Japan, and now I am on the verge of moving there for a long period of time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply!:>
I'm totally in love with Japan. mostly due to Anime and Manga and the beautiful culture they have. I currently reside in Canada! hehe. some where in Markham, Ont.
So i was happy to read that you were also from Canada and i wanted to know how to reach Japan. :>
I am a Christian and a one older friend of mine from chruch also went over to japan to teach English. Mission was also one path i thought about, and so I wanted to know some processes and how u feel about this :> Thx for the quick reply. (might be due to time difference ne?)

Will Dykstra said...

I'm currently in Canada, (Georgetown ON) and will be moving to Osaka in April. I lived there for three months last year. My biggest tip would be to look into learning Japanese here. That would really help you down the road. Secondly it can be fairly easy to land an English teaching job, when you have finished post secondary education. A good avenue to look at would be th JET program. You work in elementary schools and work for the government. If you are still a few years away from graduating, you might also consider a short term mission trip. I highly recommend short term missions as a way to get your feet wet without committing too much time and cost. This was how I started in missions.