Monday, March 28, 2005


I am an alumni of Georgetown District Christian School, and recently I was asked to write a short blurb for the school paper, the following is what spilled out.

As I was thinking about my sojourn in GDCS, the toil, the complex assignments, the arduous homework inflicted upon me by my teachers, I recalled my very first day of school. I remember someone directing me to my new desk in Grade 1. It was well before class was going to start, and everyone else was outside having fun. I recall the sun shining and being jealous of those kids, laughing and yelling, you know the way all playgrounds sound from a short distance. Miss Charlton said I could go outside but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find my way back to my desk let alone the classroom. It seems I was not much of an explorer.
It turns out that a little perspective changes things and all that labour wasn’t really so difficult, actually I look back on my time at GDCS with warmth in my heart.
I went on to high school at Toronto District Christian High School and then studied engineering at Sheridan College for three years. My career started slowly but after working for several different companies in the engineering field, gaining experience in design. I settled into a position with my current company PROMAT Engineering Sales Inc. where I design machinery for the material handling industry. People always wonder what that means, and I explain that we are experts in movement of flowing materials such as lime, talc, or chocolate chips. I enjoy combining my God-given creativity and penchant for machines, as I seek to glorify my creator with what I do.
I am at one of those life’s crossroads however, in the midst of not only a career change, but also a matrimonial change. I am soon to be wed to the most beautiful woman in the world, (I may be biased) on April 2nd. I have also recently been appointed as a missionary to Japan and I am currently in the midst of raising support and getting ready to move to Osaka.
Japan promises to be a very challenging place to work, communication being one of the biggest challenges. I will be learning Japanese but even with the language in my back pocket, communicating biblical concepts such as sin or God’s love and grace remain a difficulty. I am looking forward to the challenge, but at the same time feel apprehensive. I think I’ll go sit at my desk for a little while.

Will Dykstra – Class of 1980


Anonymous said...

I'm still keeping an eye on urs :>
Are you still in George Town? I know of a lovely couple who lives up in George Town and I've been there once. :>
When are you heading back to Japan? :> Do you like it there?

Will Dykstra said...

Yes I do like it in Japan. The History and Culture of the society are very rich and deep. I am still in Georgetown, but I will be moving to Japan on April 13th.

Anonymous said...

Well until that time, I hope you enjoy your "spring" here :> We had a massive rain storm for two days.. did it come over to Georgetown? That gave the streets and cars a good wash! And today was sunny! Wish you best of luck and hope to see more of Japan through your blog!