Monday, January 16, 2006

New Stuff

School has started again. Lots of new vocabulary, kanji and grammar to learn. We were welcomed back by having a test that is lasting more than one day. It put a serious dent in my weekend, as I spent most of it studying and trying to remember what I learned before the break. It is almost over and I expected to feel relieved, but I don't.
The term has also seen the arrival of a new classmate from Korea. As with many Koreans he carries the name Kim. This has created a small bit of consternation since we already have a Kim from Korea in our class. With the large Japanese vocabulary we have built thus far, we have been differentiating them by calling the first one Furui Kim (Old Kim) and the second Atarashi Kim (New Kim). I don't know if these monikers will stick but we had a good chuckle.

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