Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It is some time ago now, nevertheless, while I was in school I had one elective class each week that was devoted simply to writing. Even though I like to write in English I was surprised to find that I liked writing in Japanese too. Sometimes it is frustrating in that you want to express something but lack the ability, but generally I enjoyed it. I remember working through this exercise, (we were given the pictures and had to make up the story), chuckling here, smirking there, thoroughly enjoying my astonishing wit and the prose I was weaving. I thought I would post a sample of something I wrote in class and you my faithful readers can enjoy my brilliance for yourself. I must admit something may be lost in the translation, so for anyone who can read Japanese I will include the original text as well, in case you find my chicken scratch on the pictures difficult to read.

Ding Dong
"Yes what is it?" said Ms Oldlady.
"Good Day, I am Little boy Tomcat Yamada and I am applying for your washing and cleaning job" Little boy Tomcat replied.
"But you are a cat aren't you?" she said.
"Yes. But generally cats are very good at washing and cleaning"
"Please come in"

「ああなるほど。 あなたは結婚していますか」
"Shall we begin the interview?"
"Yes, please."
"How old are you?"
"Forty, cat years."
"Ahh I see. Are you married?"
"No not yet, but I have a girlfriend."
"What blood type are you?"
"I am A type"
"Ahh, Do you have your own apron?"
"Of course, it's in my pocket."
"Well you can start work right away."

Tomcat Yamada is chuckling to himself.
"I don't believe it" he said to himself.
"I am a maid."

雄猫くんはせんたくとそうじはあまり上手ではありません。 雄猫たからです。 しかし、お金がほしいです。人とビールのようにぎゅうにゅうを飲みます。高いちゅうどくですが。
Little boy Tomcat is not very good at cleaning. He is a tom cat after all. But he wants money. Like people and beer he drinks milk. It is an expensive habit.

There you have it. Upon giving it a second reading with a little perspective, I find it akin to something I wrote in grade three. Well no where to go but up I suppose.

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