Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baking my Noodle.

This is the book I am currently reading titled ゆうたはともだち by きたやまようこ. It was a gift from a good friend, Motoko, who really enjoyed it and thought I might too. It is all about a dog and his boy. Yaknow how some books, like novels, can be easy to read, but how others, like your philosophy text book from university, can really bake your noodle? Well this is one of the latter.
Let me give you a marvelous sample from the first page.
おれはいぬ。 (I'm a dog.)

Hmm, in retrospect, perhaps not so marvelous, how about something from the more meaty part of the book.
おれはあしをあげる。(I lift a leg.)
おまえはあげない。 (You don't.)

Can you not just touch the brilliant wit, the concise substance, the deep profoundness of the thought processes. I will concede that there is a possibility you have to be able to see the pictures, (you know what they say about the value of pictures) and I must admit something has been lost in the translation. Nevertheless, if and when I am able to plow through the content of this book (all twelve or so pages), the next two parts of the trilogy await me!

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