Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On riding to school. For my posterior-ity

From the archives, I recommend you blow the dust off this one before reading it.

Largely I really enjoyed cycling to school. It took anywhere between 35 and 45 minutes depending on how genki I felt and what route I took, but that was no problem. Things that really were a pain in the butt were the never ending irresponsible or otherwise non-attention paying cyclists and pedestrians and especially the many, many rude taxi drivers.
I had a good seat when I came to Japan. It broke. I bought a new seat at the Konan, the cheapest one I could find since going to school doesn't pay all that well. I pretty much stopped enjoying my ride after that, my butt was always so sore from that crappy seat, even after forcing myself to "break it in" (not sure weather that is my butt or the seat) in any case it didn't work. The moral of the story? Never buy a cheap seat when you butt is on the line.

When I originally wrote this little bit the feeling was stronger than it is today. Upon rereading it, I noticed that I used a stronger word for butt everywhere and thought for my more sensitive readers I should change it. If you are a purist, feel free to substitute "butt " with a stronger word and reread for the full effect.

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