Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cross Cultural Engagement Skills and Love

Ambiguity tolerance
Sense of humour
Observation and questioning
Willingness to learn
Seeing “different” without judging
Good listening skills
Willingness to risk
Setting aside “self”
Abandon independence
Drop presuppositions
Come as learners, (be teachable)
Willingness to learn like a child
Loss of one’s place and value

A list of skills needed to engage a cross-culture, as made by the attendees (mostly with experience in trying to engage the Japanese culture) at the third part of Josiah Bancroft’s core training seminar entitled Spiritual Formation and Gospel Renewal as given at this year's CPI conference.
It turns out as Josiah showed us, that these skills are transferable. These are things that we need if we want to love someone. I need to be willing to listen to my friend or need to set aside myself to love my child. It helps me step into the foreign territory of another culture or relationship.
I can’t wait to get home and practice on my wife.

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drew glosson said...

My name is Drew Glosson. I am a student at Central Christian College of the Bible and I will be finishing up my degree this semester. I am writing you because I am planning to move to Japan after I graduate in order to my call to ministry there. I have been to Japan three times already. All for various ministry opportunities. Twice during spring break trips and one this summer as an intern at ECS English School. I have worked with several churches in Japan and I interned with some missionaries in Kashiwazaki city in Niigata prefecture this past summer. During my experiences in Japan, I was able to connect with a few people and get at the heart of the Japanese people. I have come to understand that while the Japanese people are overly religious in their practices, they remain remain disconnected from true belief. I understand that to them their practices are just part of "being Japanese." This way of thinking is what I seek to enter into as I prepare to come to Japan. I long to become Japanese in the same way that the Apostle Paul did with those whom he ministered to. Currently, I am working to establish support to enable my return to Japan. What I will do in Japan is the biggest question I have. I know that the opportunity abounds in Japan because there are unreached people everywhere. I realized that the first step I need to take is to embrace the Japanese language. I have been slowly teaching myself since this summer. However, I am still struggling with basic grammar and such. This leads me to you. I am seeking some guidance as to how to begin life long ministry in Japan. I would greatly appreciate it if you would lend me any help or advice that you have. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

In Christ,
Drew Glosson