Friday, September 12, 2008

It is fitting.

While watching our boxes of stuff being trundled kitty corner from our home to the depot.
It seemed to me to be an injustice of sorts. After being abused daily (not to mention nightly) every day of the year (except for about five of the statutory holidays) with the noise generated by normal operations at the courier/trucking company called Seino, they were the ones who came to get our stuff.
It was with a wide variety of emotions that I watched the boxes it took so much effort to pack being unceremoniously taken to the dock on their way back to Canada.

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amanda said...

How did you know that God wanted you to become a missionary in Japan? I'm thinking of becomming a missionary over there, and at first I felt at peace about it. But, know I feel very unsure. Did you ever feel that way?