Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The roach conspiracy.

Yonder, evil roach does spite me.
He sits in the darkened doorway,
What he is plotting I know not.
But he spites me.
Evil roach
He does not move until the light strikes him.
He mocks me.
Perchance if he had moved out of sight
Before the door opened
I wouldn’t know his existence.
But he spites me.
Evil roach
As the light dawns in the doorway.
He scurries
But only to the corner
Again he spites me.
He sits in the corner knowing completely
I cannot fit my rounded toe into the corner
Ohh how he spites me.
Evil roach
But alas I have a plan!
I shall remove my shoe
I shall lie in wait
I shall feint him, with my rounded shoe
He will scurry out of the corner
With a sly grin on his face
Knowing fully he is escaping
To his hideout
Evil roach

So I smote him.
I smote him with my shoe.

He no longer spites me
Poor little roach
He was a tribute to his kind
He will be missed by so many of his piers
But not by me


Anonymous said...

Your a freak!


Anonymous said...

Not such a Freak, A bit violent though.