Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wednesday's Blog

Here I am typing up a blog entry. On Wednesday’s at 1:30 I have a little sit down with Dan the missionary man. We just have a little discussion about how things are going with me, discuss a bit of Japanese culture and how that applies to missions in Japan. I look for particulars of Japanese culture in my daily observations, and then look for relevant biblical text.
I always have to kill a little bit of time between school and meeting Dan. Sometimes I stroll around the Umeda * area, but today I decided to sit down and get ahead of the game by typing a blog entry early. I stopped at Makudonarudo for a quick bite to eat and a place to sit down and type. The McDonalds is at Tammatskuri Station, the station close to the church where I meet Dan. I had the McGrand which is having its “Grand Debut” and then I sat down to work. Uh Oh 1:22, I have to hurry to get there now.
Today I was thinking about how physically tiny the churches in Japan are and how vast the many Buddist Temples and Shinto Shrines are not to mention the pervasive problem of idols and charms in many households. Approximately 90% of the Japanese people go to a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple each year, while less than 1% attend a Church.
The text I was interested into today was Acts 17:16-34. Very Japanesque.

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