Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The future of Sekime-Photolog

Being in Canada, I'm sure is causing many people to wonder about the future of the Sekime-Photolog. Has it been rendered obsolete, since the blogger is not currently living in Sekime? Perhaps he has lost his will to blog?
Well rest assured I am not taking the proverbial header into the abyss, there is more blogging to be done. Content of this blog for the forseeable future will consist of reminiscing, (I still have more photos to share), and also of examining Japanese culture, looking at societal underpinnings, wondering about what makes culture tick, unravelling some of the fabric of things Japanese, and in general trying to get a handle on how people who grow up within Japan think. So please continue to come back and see how things are going and perhaps you can add your two cents (or more if you feel so inclined) to the comments section.

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