Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Japanese Barbeque

It was my distinct adventure to be a part of a Japanese Barbeque yesterday. Yesterday was Greenery Day the first day of Golden Week, a string of four holidays almost consecutively. The church that Aukje has been attending most Sundays while she has been living in Osaka, had a church barbeque at the hanabakutsurumiryokuchi (a big park a 25 min walk from our apt.). The park has barbequing areas and the church had secured one of these. The affair lasted for about 5 hours and we were eating most of the time. Food comes in small quantities but flows continuously. I sampled a large variety of different foods many of which I am not used to. I stayed away from the grilled squid, but sampled the cow intestine, the bamboo chutes, and the dried squid. I thoroughly enjoyed the beef and the sausages. I also enjoyed a tin of Kirin and got a taste of some really enjoyable rice wine.
Communication was not easy when I was engaged on my own but we managed with my few Japanese words and their few English words and some gestures as well. For more in depth conversation my wife did some interpreting for me. I was exposed to many interesting cultural moments. It was an enjoyable time but also very tiring.


Anonymous said...

oh wow... were there any Hot Dogs? Me being a chinese knows that there are weird stuff to eat at BBQs but did they have Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
Did they make extra stuff to not Grill? such as Sushi or Salad?

Will Dykstra said...

There were no hotdogs or hamburgers. There were other things, mostly snacks, but also onigiri (rice in seaweed paper) and some bean paste ice milk sort of stuff. (Kind of like sno-cone but in a container). It was quite good.