Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A time of Grief

In my new city, we had a tragedy yesterday. A train crash. The worst train disaster in Japan since 1963. The Japanese railway system, which is very extensive and on which a vast number of people rely for transportation, is considered one of the safest in the world. I fear for the driver. Traditional Japanese culture will demand honour. A situation of this magnitude will demand his death to satisfy that honour. I hope God's grace will prevail.

I lament this chaos.


Anonymous said...

Death? They still do that there? I haven't looked up the news even after i heard it only a few weeks ago from my Japanese Teacher. For our final exam we were to read the article and answer questions. *that's where i got most of my info.. and i can hardly read it* Lots of ppl hurt :<. IT crashed into a building?!?

Will Dykstra said...

When I wrote this it was my understanding the driver had survived, but later I found out that he had not.
I was also under the impression it was my city but it was outside of my city. (Osaka Fu itstead of Osaka Shi).

Will Dykstra said...

And yes sucide is still an honourable way out.