Monday, April 10, 2006


Yesterday we engaged in the popular sport of Hanami. (That would literally translate as flower watching). As the cherry blossoms come out, everyone makes plans to put down a blue tarp on which to sit and enjoy the blossoms. The day cannot be planned too far in advance because one is never exactly sure when the cherry trees are going to blossom. However as the first buds start to appear, plans can be made. One week in advance, the church we attend on Sundays (Miyakojima Kyokai) decided we should have Hanami on Sunday after church. Very early that Sunday morning the Pastor and one of the congregation members went to the park to put down our own blue tarp thus reserving us a spot under a cherry tree for when we came. A spot needs to be reserved because there are a lot of people who do this Hanami thing, it is incredible! A barbecue is a good idea, but it suited us better to bring a bento (a lunch brought from home). We were lucky enough to experience a hanami flurry which is similar to a snow flurry but involves cherry blossoms. Well I think you get the idea.

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