Monday, April 03, 2006

In need of some cash.

We were in the bank waiting along with the crowd for the bank of bank machines. It was a bit of a shock the first time I stood in a line like this to use the bank machine. Compared to my sleepy little hometown of Georgetown where I would find something else to do in the meantime if the line was more than two people long, I am getting used to the sheer amount of people and the population density in Osaka. There were about seventy people in this line waiting for one of seven ATM's. These machines will do a lot for you from preparing a brand new pass book for you once your old one is full to doling out cash with a courteous "don't forget your money" in Japanese. It was good listening practice for me, and while my listening is not up to par I am pretty certain the machine was speaking a little Osaka-ben the local dialect. As it was greeting us I think it gave us a cheery "maido", a very mom and pop shop keeper sort of greeting in a traditionally mercantile city.

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