Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Five Hundred Year Questions

Today, a quick link. I happened upon it via Gideon Strauss' recent post. Makoto Fujimura has posted an interesting blog.

Taking into account the circumstances in which I currently find myself, I see the five hundred year old question in light of an old established culture, Japan. And I see Andy Warhol's fifteen seconds of fame in light of a much newer and less established culture in North America.
I find the juxtaposition intriguing, especially in the light of my current vocation.
As a Canadian and as a Christian immersed in this experienced land, I am staggering about under the weight of trying to grasp, trying to get my mind around many five hundred year old questions.
It can be taxing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
It's been a while since I have checked this out but I enjoy all the pictures get that camera working or something will ya.
By the way your neice is growing up very healthy and has daddy wrapped around her little finger, surprise surprise I am such a suck.
I'll send you some more pictures.