Saturday, March 18, 2006

Memoirs of a short time ago.

Sometime ago;

A friend of ours named Emiko who is originally from Osaka but now lives in Yokohama dropped by to visit us. She had recently been to China (on business) and brought us a little Omiyage (a souvenier). She purchased several copies of Memoirs of a Geisha (in Japan its called Sayuri) on DVD on the streets of Shanghai for about a dollar each, to bring back for friends. I found the jacket of the DVD to be interesting reading. The graphics of the front cover are decent, even after looking closely at the artwork one does not realize that it is a bootleg. The DVD itself too was better quality than I expected it to be, it only crashed in a couple of places during playback. We managed to massage it so that we could watch the entire movie. I realized that the movie was a bootleg when I read the back cover. It made me laugh. While I cannot read the Chinese credits (I think they are correct) it looks like the English credits were scanned and then piped through some character recognition software. These credits are from the movie Fight Club which can almost be classified as an old movie now. I imagine the bootleggers always use the same English credits when the put together their jackets. The real tipoff however was when I read the text which would normally describe the storyline, or pitch the movie for those who enjoy reading the fine print. In the fine print the writer flames what I assume to be a rival bootlegger. It too made interesting reading.

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