Saturday, April 26, 2008

Like Son Like Father

It was 4am or so. Tazel did not want to sleep. After my wife spent some time holding him and trying to get him to go to sleep, I took a turn for a while.
So we sat together and his intestines started to gurgle and burble. Perhaps that was what was keeping us both from sleeping. He quieted down, and my intestines burbled and gurgled in a more manly fashion. Tazel opened his eyes and looked up at me accusingly, perhaps that was what was keeping us both from sleeping.

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Anonymous said...

You are a stand up comedian of writing. Does that make sense? They say comedians notice things that others don't and can bring ideas across in a brand new way. That's what you do. Both the baby noises post - which was akin to a 'God moment' and this one.
Shel Silverstein comes to mind.
A sampling:
They say that carrots are good for your eyes,
They swear that they improve your sight.
But I'm seein' worse than I did last night.
You think maybe I ain't usin' 'em right? (sketch of face with a carrot coming out of each eye:)