Monday, May 31, 2004

Cardboard Condominiums

It was like walking into one of William Gibson's books. Between the Shinto Priest and Yodabashi, in storybook like contrast to both, lies these 'cardboard condominiums'. I was astonished. I recalled seeing these in my minds eye, and up to this point these cardboard dwellings had only existed in my imagination. They grew to be there from reading one of William Gibson's books, (I think "All Tomorrow's Parties"). These are people's homes, no more than four or maybe five feet to the carton ceilings. Some seemed to be well established with small items to sell, while others looked to be more newly inhabited. The address of these condominiums is beside the street the runs under the JR Umeda station. When I stepped back into the sunlight on the other side of the tunnel, I felt as though I had just trod out of a page of prose and back into the real world.

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