Thursday, May 27, 2004


This is Yodabashi Umeda. (Umeda is a major transportation hub in Osaka and tends to attract a multitude of people). Seven giant floors of electronics from thousands of cell phones and digital cameras to computers and shavers. For the geek in me it is mesmerizing, mind numbing and hypnotizing to wander around the aisles and floors analyzing and comparing everything. Prices seem to be higher for most items here as compared to Canada, apart from laptop computers which seem to come in at slightly lower prices and give you more bang for your buck. All the OS's are Japanese though so you'll have to spend some time getting aquainted with the written language if you want to use one. The electronics industry is one of the many narcotics that exist for anyone here in Japan. Japanese go about their hobbies in a very intensive manner. They are culturally renown for their precision and diligence and these qualities are reflected in their pastimes.

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Gideon Strauss said...

Hey, Will - this is great! I have added you to my sidebar under "the neighbourhood." I love the pictures!