Saturday, May 15, 2004

The inaugural post.

While I'm new to posting, I'm not new to blogs. The job of writing everyday seems daunting though. How can I measure up to many of the bloggers I've read? A legacy of great blogging goes before me and now I feel I must measure up, or die a slow (and painful to the ego)death in the deep dark dungeons with the likes of abandoned blogs, stacks of 5 1/4" floppy disks and 8 track tapes.
My intentions are to post daily photos and add some scrawlings as time permits, of my adventures in the city of Osaka Japan. I am currently living in an area of Osaka known as Sekime, hence the name of this journal. Much of the time I’m not unlike a baby boy, growing used to all the new things of his world. Do we get off the train now? Hai means yes? What’s that? Is that food? Can I cross the road now? Questions coming out of my mouth are no more complex than that of a 4-year-old. Humbling indeed. Sometimes I have feelings of utter inadequacy, sometimes of wide-eyed wonder. Some of the time I can marvel at the Sovereignty of God and at other times I balk at the sheer enormity of the tasks at hand.
Today I leave you with a little tidbit. I am astounded at how full the trains are at 9pm on a Friday night. In Osaka, the primary mode of mass transportation are the trains and the subways. I came home tonight on the train and I amongst the majority that had to stand up because all the seats were taken. There are eight different subway lines, and four different train companies, each running one or more rail lines. Needless to say that is a lot of passengers. The picture is the JR loopline station Tamatsukuri. The two trains run a loop around the city in opposite directions.

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