Saturday, May 22, 2004

Nijo Jo

Nijo Jo. Here I am just inside the Eastern Main Gate, Higashe Ote Mon.

Inside the palace was unbelievable, if only I had some pictures to share, but I was not allowed to take any, it was against the rules. The artwork painted directly on the walls was very interesting, done by Kano Tan'yu, (a renown Japanese artist) in about 1627. The floors were intriguing as well. Most of the floor boards squeaked and creaked with each step. Since the Shogun was very nervous about being betrayed he took many precautions. The floors (called Nightingale Floors) were designed so that each board squeaked as it was stepped on, and the high pitch sound that is made gives the floor its name. It still worked pretty well as I did my best not to make them squeak. Even those evil Ninja's would have a hard time sneaking around the castle after the Shogun went to bed.

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