Thursday, May 12, 2005


I mailed my bike to myself. It is over ten years old and not an expensive bike or anything (note to any thieves out there, It is not worth stealing!) but it is like a good pillow. I had to deconstruct it slightly to fit it into a box that was mailable. I added some books and computer equipment and I managed to slip it in the mail at 29.5 Kg. I was cutting it close as the limit for Canada Post is 30 Kg. The box was slightly too long so I had to pay a surcharge. I'm sure you've heard of the "slow boat to China", well I sent it on the slow boat to Japan. As it turned out, I beat my bike to Japan by only several days. The six weeks quoted actually turned out to four and a half. Snags: Pumps in Japan are made for Japanese valves. Locks and lights are mandatory and you might be pulled over if you don't have them. A kickstand is a good idea, and the one I bought was too short. All situations are rectified, but I probably will need to get some fenders as it rains quite often here.


Anonymous said...

that's so smart.. mailing ur own bike. I would have ditched mine and bought a new one in Japan.
Have you located any second hand shops? Apparently they were not allowed to sell second hand video games. I think they took away that law. Did that apply to all items?

Will Dykstra said...

I have not seen any second hand shops, though I am told they exist. There aren't any places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army thrift stores though. Most Japanese people tend not to buy second hand stuff though so there isn't a large market for it. I didn't know about the second hand video game law. I shall keep my eyes open.