Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A walk by the shore.

Late last week Aukje and I went to see one of her previous Alpha students in Nishinomiya. Nishinomiya is a city between Osaka and Kobe. After the visit we took a stroll down to see the ocean (since we were in the neighbourhood). What we saw were mostly man made land areas built in the bay on which Kobe and Osaka were established.
In light of the recent devastating tsunami, I was impressed by the preparation of the people in Nishinomiya. This sea wall was constructed to turn quite a large wave over. In other areas there were thick steel doors/gates that are normally open to allow traffic flow but are ready to be closed just in case. These preparations are not new, but I don't think they would be robust enough to stem a tsunami the size of the one which recently took place.


Anonymous said...

Weather's turning better in Toronto.... lots of sun! how's it there?? :>

Will Dykstra said...

It is quite nice, tempatures around 25 most of the time. Rain now and again. And the odd 30 or 20 thrown in the mix. I am not looking forward to summer here though.