Friday, May 06, 2005

Our washroom is soo small...

You have to be careful you don’t hit your head on the door when you sit down.

Watashi no atama ga toire no doaa ni butskarimashita. Itai! (Itakattadesu) (past tense of Itai.)

I hit my head on the washroom door. Ouch!

(Based on a true story) (again)

Woo. That smarts.

I wondered how I would take to saying Itai instead of ouch as I try to become bilingual. I don't know if I'll have enough wits about me when I hurt myself to translate to Itai! before Yow! comes out.

Hmmm, I may have to practice.


Angela said...

Hello Will (and Aukje!)

We like the fridge we helped pay for. Now you will have to photograph the dial so we can try and twiddle that from here ... ( :
Your Japanese certainly seems impressive - and scary. My sister landed in Canada last Wed. Finally. Take care! Angela.

Will Dykstra said...

Say hello to your sister for me.

As it turns out there are actually two dials, so I am not sure about the ramifications of that, they are smaller than I expected.

I could actually write a little program for you to download, connect the fridge to the internet, and add some wiring here and there and then you could successfully join in twiddling the dials from the comfort of your own abode.

It is quite far down on the long list of priorities though. (In other words don’t inhale without exhaling).

Anonymous said...

People in Japan are smaller in size aren't they? tee hee...

Will Dykstra said...

Yes they are. I am short, but feel tall when in Japan.