Monday, May 16, 2005

Fun with learning the lingo.

Lately I have taken to telling people here in Japan (with a furrowed brow and a very serious look on my face):

Watashiwa nihonjindewa arimassen.
I am not Japanese.

It usually gets a quiet response for a moment as the person tries to figure what I really mean, and then when I smile, a good laugh.


Kayti:) said...

Hey Will! Your wife told me how to find this page; I hope I found the right one! If you don't have a wife, I guess this isn't the right page...Guess I'd hafta say "Oops" in that I do hope it's the right page!

Nihongo wa muzukashi desu! Demo, omoshiroi desu...Anata no nihongo wa ii desu!

Anyway, I hope all's going well! Maybe I'll see you Monday night for HomeParty!

Will Dykstra said...

Yes I do have a wife. And yes she mentioned that she had told you how to get here.
So thanks for visiting!
Hope you had a wonderful time!
Your Japanese is not so bad either, (mind you that is not saying too much coming from me).